The Ultimate List of Travel Twitter Chats

The ultimate list of travel twitter chatsIf you are relatively new to the blogging and Social Media world, Twitter chats may be a bit of an alien concept. They shouldn’t be.

Twitter chats are an extremely powerful tool through which to network & interact with other travellers, share tips and stories, learn valuable lessons about travelling and they don’t hurt your Twitter following either!


  • Simply search for the chat using the hashtag (#) provided below.
  • It’s good practice to introduce yourself to the chat & let those involved know where you’re tweeting from. This is a friendly and engaging way to start & also lets your following know to expect a few more tweets than usual (and to join in if they like!)
  • The chat host will tweet a series of questions over the course of the Twitter chat (usually an hour or so). Some chats release the questions on their websites before hand, others like to keep you guessing! Their question tweets will look something like this:

Q1: Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever travelled to? #chathashtag

  • You then tweet your answer to the question (including a photograph if you like), using the following format:

A1: I was in awe of Mykonos. The white washed walls set against the blue Aegean sea is magic. #chathashtag

  • Always ensure you include the #chathashtag in all tweets related to the chat (even if you’re responding to a comment etc). That way those involved can keep track of your tweets.
  • A Twitter chat isn’t a one way street. It’s much more enjoyable if you interact with other tweeters, responding to their answers and starting related conversations.
  • It can get quite hectic. You’re juggling 3 things at once: (1. Answering the questions 2. Engaging with others 3. Responding to those engaging with you) but it’s SO worth it & is a real buzz.


Since launching The Globe Wanderers and delving head first into the terrifying world of Twitter – we’ve been trying to participate in as many travel related Twitter chats as we can.

It can be tricky to keep track though. I often open up Twitter only to realise we’ve just missed yet another Twitter chat. Bollocks.

It’s so easily done. Time runs away with us, all timings are according to different time zones, we try to join in but are so far behind we just can’t keep up… AHH.

We need to pull our socks up. Twitter chats are invaluable. They are fantastic for ‘meeting’ others who are interested in the same things you are. They are a great platform for sharing knowledge and learning from others. And, if you run a travel blog, they are a fab way of getting others interested in what you have to say. (Never a bad thing!)

So I thought it was about time I got myself organised. *Shock horror*. I’ve never been one for organisation, but it was just getting silly.

So I’ve created a list of all travel Twitter chats that I’ve stumbled across which may be interesting to participate in. This way, a quick glance in the morning and I’ll know what’s coming up and will stand a fighting chance of actively participating and actually providing some value in my responses.

I’m a loving, sharing person. So I thought it only polite to share this cheeky list with you. The timings are all GMT and I’ve added a tiny bit of blurb about each chat below so you know a little about each one before you get stuck in.

It’s helped me… I hope it helps you too!

* Disclaimer: There are new travel Twitter chats popping up all the time and I may well have missed a few off. So do shout at me in the comments below if so – I’m more than happy to add to the list :). 


6PM – GIRLS TRAVEL – #GirlsTravel 

Female traveller? Join Go Girl Travel Network and their six co-hosts weekly for the first-ever travel-themed Twitter chat exclusively for women. A great one, well worth a look.

Hosts: @sheswanderful, @AdlibTraveller &  co-hosted by @turnipseeds & @travlin_girl 


Run by Rough Guides and fairly self-explanatory. Just dive right in and talk everything travel with like minded travellers.

Host: @RoughGuides

7PM – TRAVEL PICS CHAT – #travelpics

The clue’s in the name here. This chat merges a love of travel with a love of travel photography. So have your travel snaps at the ready and prepare to be inspired!

Host: @AntiTourist

8PM – TRAVEL CULT – #TravelCult

Travel Cult is a fairly new travel Twitter chat for anyone with a love of culture from around the world. Topics include attractions, food and drink, hotels, history, art, literature, architecture, language and more!

Hosts: @SavvyGirlTravel & @TravelHistory_



Travel Talk on Tuesday is a great, busy travel chat intended to get travellers together to have a chat about the thing that moves them most: travel.

Host: @traveldudes


The Road Less Travelled is a lively and growing Twitter chat that focuses on the unbeaten path. Participants share stories from unusual travel destinations – prepare to add to your bucket list here!

Host: @TheTravelCamel


This is a very vibrant and popular chat run by Travel + Leisure focusing on a huge array of themes. One week you could be chatting about Disney, the next you’ll be discussing the benefits of cruises.

Host: @TravlandLeisure

6.30PM – PASSION PASSPORT – #passionpassport

A great and diverse travel Twitter chat… the community even post the chat questions on their blog here so you can schedule your responses if you’d like to take part but won’t be available at the time. Handy!

Host: @passionpassport


A food, travel and adventure related Twitter therapy session… every week guest hosts or ‘Therapists’ aim to aid the terror of a midlife crisis through chats about all things travel. A great chat to join.

Hosted by: @SandiMcKenna & @MidlifeRoadTrip


A weekly Twitter chat for independent, adventurous travellers. Join in and share stories of your adventure travels and experiences.

Host: @ATQandA



This is a great chat for those interested in life abroad. Travellers, writers, expats, and residents abroad allow you glimpses into their experiences helping to renew your sense of the world.

Host: @RealityAbroad

6.30PM – EXPEDIA CHAT – #ExpediaChat

Anyone with a love of travel will have heard of Expedia. This is a fantastic travel Twitter chat with some of the biggest names in travel blogging taking part. It’s a fab place to network and get to know those working in the industry.

Sponsor: @Expedia

7.30PM – ROUND THE WORLD CHAT – #rtwchat

Round the World travel chat is run by @BootsnAll and focuses on topics related to Around the World and Long-term travel.

Host: @BootsnAll

8PM – SEE THE WORLD (MONTHLY) – #SeeTheWorldChat

This monthly Twitter chat focuses on all things travel, food, photography, culture and style. It doesn’t come around often so make sure you keep your eyes pealed!

Hosts: @TheCultureur & @SeeTheWorldChat


A great chat run by @travelsquire and designed to encourage thoughtful discussion and exchange of travel related ideas, with educational touchpoints as well.

Hosts: @travelsquire & @theexplorateur


4.30PM – LUXURY TRAVEL CHAT – #luxtravelchat

If luxury travel is more your thing, then this chat will be right up your street. Join a community of travellers to discuss all of the finer things in life and travel.

Host: @mrsoaroundworld

5.30PM – JETSET EXTRA – #jsett 

A fab general Twitter travel chat full to the brim with great tips, places to visit and travel photography. Get involved if you can.

Host: @JetsetExtra

6PM – PT TRAVEL – #PTtravel

This is a really popular chat with some great participants. You’re sure to pick up some fab tips and tricks for your next trip (as well as a bunch of new Twitter buddies too!)

Host: @kate_frankie

6.30PM – CULTURE & TRAVEL – #Culturetravchat

#culturetravchat hasn’t been running for too long but it’s definitely worth a look. The goal is to share perspectives/advice from fellow travellers to excite others to travel more!

Host: @Nicolette_O


One of the older twitter travel chats – this is a great one to get involved in. Coordinated by ZipSetGo, there are a different set of hosts each week. Occasionally you’ll see another hashtag in use… This will mean the chat has been sponsored & you have the chance of winning a lovely prize if you use both. Everyone likes a prize.

Host: @ZipSetGo


2.00AM – PURE WANDER – #PureWander

The Pure Wander Twitter travel focuses mainly on family travel topics. Mums, dads and other family members chat about their experiences of travelling as a family and ask questions of other family travellers.

Host: @Pure_Wander

4.00PM – TRAVEL SKILLS – #travelskills

This is an exciting and informative online gathering that attracted nearly 30,000 frequently traveling contributors and produced nearly 165,000 tweets over the last year! Tune in to pick up a few new travel skills & share tips with other travellers. Find out more here.

Hosts: @cjmcginnis & @JohnnyJet


JA Chat is a weekly chat focused on city travel and urban culture worldwide. I’ve taken part in this chat a couple of times and there’s always a real buzz about it. Plus, Pola the host is lovely and very engaging :).

Host: @jettingaround



Join a huge group of buzzing travel enthusiasts to talk all things travel. From travel tips to airport advice – you’re guaranteed to learn something and make a few new Twitter pals in the process.

Host: @mappingmegan 


Phew – that’ll keep you busy. As you can see, the travel community is thriving on Twitter. It’s such a fantastic place to learn, share and get inspired and each Twitter chat does a fab job of bringing all of those things together into one brilliant conversation.

I really hope the list is of some use to someone! As I said above, do let me know if I’ve missed any chats off.

Stay tuned for a full on Twitter guide that I’m currently pulling together… and in the meantime, do feel free to follow us on Twitter if the urge so takes you – @GlobeWanderers – I’m sure we’ll be chatting soon! 

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Wow, thanks for this list guys! I wanted in on a few twitter travel chats but knew not where to look. Now I do 😉 Bookmarked and tweet of course.


    • Gabrielle @ TheGlobeWanderers

      Hi Ryan – what a fab comment to receive – thank you. So so pleased you found the list useful and thanks for tweeting it also, much appreciated. Hope to bump into you on a twitter chat before too long :). Gabby.

  • Valerie

    Super ambitious list!! I know there are SO many, and they’re always changing, but this is a great list of the most consistent ones!

    • TheGlobeWanderers

      Thanks Valerie – pleased to hear you think the list is a good one! Do shout at me if i’ve left any valuable ones off :).


  • TheGlobeWanderers

    Thanks for the message Tom (and the Twitter love!) – it’s so good to know that this post may prove useful for you. Can’t recommend Twitter chats enough. They really are a great way to meet other travel bloggers, learn and get inspired. Hope to stumble across you guys in one soon!

    (Ps – loving the blog – especially the mysterious dog in Piha story!)

  • Nellie Huang

    Awesome list! Just wanted to let you know that we also do #AdvTravelChat every Wednesday at 1pm EST/6pm GMT. The organizers are @Laurel_Robbins @Ottsworld and myself. Hope you can join us sometime!

  • Lucy McGuire

    Hi Gabrielle – I just wondered, do you know if this list is still up to date? I’m keen to do more twitter chats and this was the best list I found when I googled it! Glad I landed on your site!

  • Kallia Adventures

    Thank you so much for the list! I’m just getting started with chats and was looking for some good ones to join. This is definitely useful!