Our inspirations are vast and varied. From photography, books and journalism to documentaries, film and music, our own experiences and most of all, you; fellow adventurers, bloggers and non-conformists.

Generally speaking, inspiration is everywhere. But to be inspired can be something truly great.


Personally, some of our greatest inspirations come from the music of Passenger. For those of you who are familiar with his music, you’ll probably know exactly why we are in awe of him and his talent. For those who are not, it is simply through his incredibly talented storytelling that he is able to express what others find hard to put into words.


Documentary series’ such as Long Way Round, By Any Means and even An Idiot Abroad have given us a true urge for adventure. Of course, the great Mr Attenborough does a great job at this as well.

As early as we can both remember, childhood favourites such as The Goonies, Indiana Jones and countless others to modern day classics such as Into the Wild, Australia and Instinct have captured our imaginations and given us an overwhelming hunger for discovery, exploration and the desire to travel to far off lands.


We have both done our fair share of travelling individually since we met back in 2012, and together since then. The things we’ve seen, experiences we’ve been lucky enough to have and the people we’ve met have simply captivated and inspired us to do more and more and more.

Finally, you. Our readers and fellow bloggers. We found our greatest form of inspiration through your experiences, words and ideas.

We are currently in the planning stages of our next adventure. Through following other bloggers our trip has gone from six months, to a year, to… well, potentially indefinitely.

We may indeed stop, but only when we’ve found a place we’d like to call “home”. From there we will still venture out on as many journeys as possible. But hopefully with an added sense of belonging, a little more wisdom and a bucket load of memories.