How to Navigate Fiji’s Yasawa Islands

How-to-navigate-Fijis-Yasawa-IslandsFiji. A tropical haven with its many scattered islands and phenomenal beauty. An incredible vista of clear blue seas and lush green islands awaits you… but what is the best way to navigate Fiji’s Yasawa Islands and explore this tropical paradise?

Octopus Resort


I visited Fiji in February 2011. This may not have been the best time to visit as you tend to get a lot more tropical storms from November through to April but I was coming to the end of my travels and my options were to spend another week in Sydney prior to my Singapore flight or …..

As we came into land at Nadi International, it was obvious that the weather was going to play a major roll in my Fiji experience as the tropical storms were in full swing but, I was complaining. I was after all, in Fiji and on entering the terminal building the steel band and complimentary fruit cocktail soon made up for the weather facing me outside. Luckily once I reached the islands, the sun broke through the rainclouds. A few storms a day kept you on your toes but it didn’t spoil the week in the slightest.


I did some Googling before I left Australia and found a company called Awesome Adventures. A tourism specialist in Fiji that takes care of island hoping (via sea cat), room bookings for each island and all transfers in between. They have a conveniently located office in the arrivals area of Nadi International where they will talk you through all your options, point you in the direction of the transfer bus (this will take you to the sea cat terminal or your first nights accommodation in Nadi) but not before saying a big, ‘Bula!’ … I even got a cuddle off the lady behind the desk (imagine Queen Latifah/Oprah Winfrey).

Coralview Resort Fiji


Awesome Adventures offers you the ability to tailor make your whole trip. From the sea cat’s terminal in Nadi you can take a cruise to all the inhabited Yasawa islands. You can stay on one island for your whole trip or a different island every day etc. I opted to start from the furthest island north (Blue Lagoon Resort) and work my way back to Nadi, spending 1-2 nights on 5 different islands.

Build Your Adventure with Awesome Adventures 

The islands of my choice were Blue Lagoon Beach Resort, Mantaray Island, Coralview Resort, Octopus Resort and finally, Beachcomber.

Mantaray Resort

Blue Lagoon is the perfect spot for relaxing and taking in Fiji island life. Mantaray has the best snorkelling right off the beach with amazing coral and sea life. Coralview was the friendliest of all and had a great walk to the top of the hill looking over the resort and out to sea. Octopus Resort was more of a holiday paradise. You could also walk to the nearby village of Naluwaki. This is a must! Finally Beachcomber. A tiny island renowned for its nighttime parties.The sleeping arrangement is one huge dorm however it was a great way to finish my island hopping before returning back to the mainland.


Your main form of transport will be via cruise/sea cat. Awesome Adventures have sea cat’s connecting you with each island on a daily basis with a drop off/pick up once per day, sometimes more. You can also make your way between islands via fishing boat but I’d only recommend this on short distances….the sea’s can get a little bumpy and they like the boats to be full.

Fiji Cruise

Get a Bula Combo pass. This way all your accommodation and transfers are covered. This also means you can make your accommodation bookings on board between transfers. There is a desk on board where the staff will arrange everything for you and give you all other information necessary. This means you needn’t worry about accessing a computer or finding a telephone signal. It really is very easy!

The sea cat can get a little choppy at times. For the first hour of my initial journey to Blue lagoon Resort I was struggling. A lot of sick bags were being handed out and soon the smell on board wasn’t overly pleasant. I found refuge on the rear deck where by looking at the water, I felt a whole lot better. This I would add to my top tips….it really is worth bracing yourself for a bumpy ride at times.

Octopus Resort

There are a lot of islands to choose from and Awesome Adventures has a coconut rating system. Whatever your choice, the food on offer will be fresh and fantastic, the drinks delicious and the staff will be some of the nicest people you will have the great fortune of meeting.

Coconut Rating

My sister visited Fiji on honeymoon back in 2010 and of course had an incredible time at a beautiful resort south of the Yasawa’s. Once I had returned and we compared notes it was immediately apparent that she experienced absolute luxury in a top hotel however by doing so, missed out on seeing Fiji, seeing the different islands and landscape, meeting Fiji’s incredibly friendly people and actually experiencing Fiji. I think through staying at the places I stayed and by getting about in the way I did, I had a more rounded experience and I truly appreciate the time I had in Fiji a little more each day that I’m not there. However, I know i’ll return just as soon as I can. Vinaka Fiji!

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