There’s a Passenger song called Whispers. The song, goes, ‘All I need’s a whisper, in a world that only shouts!’ It’s amazing how much one line of music can say so much.

When people asked me, especially back in school, ‘what do you want to do?’ I answered, ‘I don’t really know what I want to be, I just know that I want to see the world and earn enough money to allow me to do so.’


I’ve had a few different jobs since leaving school. First I was an assistant and runner for an acting and musical theatre agency before working my way up to an agent position and then moving to another agency where I was directing agent for 3 years. The thing I loved most about this job was where it was. I was based at Pinewood film studios and for any film buff out there, you’ll understand why I was in my absolute element.

I grew tired of what essentially became an office job and so left in the Autumn of 2010 to go travelling for the first time. I visited South East Asia, Australia, Fiji and Singapore over 6 months and had the time of my life.

On returning I went into business with my dad. In the Summer of 2011 we opened a Menswear shop in a small village in Buckinghamshire and we’re still there to this day.


I believe I have had a few life changing experiences in my life but none bigger than meeting Gabby in 2012. We met online just after Gabs returned from her own travels and I soon realised I had met my soul mate. (Sorry if you’ve just thrown up in your cereal).

We share so much together, most importantly for the blog, we share a desire and passion for travelling. It’s something we love sharing together and I look forward to every trip to come. What I don’t look forward to so much is the party poppers of crap that she seems to let off everywhere she goes. Tidy isn’t in Gabby’s vocabulary, but you can’t win ’em all ;).


Some of the highlights from my travels so far include:

There is so much I’m yearning to do in the future however, here are just a few of those from Our Life List :

  • Climb to Everest Base Camp
  • Diving with blue whales
  • Work at a orangutan orphanage in Borneo
  • Volunteer in an African village and make a difference in their community
  • Do a shark cage dive
  • Visit Tibet and a buddhist monastery

Maybe you have done some of these? If so, I’d love to hear of your experiences so please share them with us.