Conquering Mount Snowdon in Photos

Conquering Mount SnowdonMount Snowdon is Wales’ highest peak. It takes its place in the stunning mountain range of Snowdonia and is a must for any keen hiker, climber or landscape photographer.

Although this doesn’t really count as a Doorstep Adventure (technically being a different country and all), it’s still close enough to home to prove that you never know what gems you may find nearer than you think.

I have hiked Mount Snowdon on many occasions but this time was my favourite. The weather may not have been great and in typical Welsh drizzle we had to break through the clouds to reach the summit – but that only added to the experience (the damp, soggy experience that is)!

There are many different paths you can take both up and down Snowdon, depending on your hiking ability. The most famous of these is definitely Crib Goch but make sure you’re ready for what that trail has in store for you.

Remember, you don’t have to be an experienced hiker/climber to enjoy and conquer Snowdon. Just do your homework on the different routes up and pick the one you think you could manage. Don’t be a hero but do pack your camera and remember that the view from the top will ALWAYS be worth being a sweaty mess for.

Mt Snowdon

Have you tackled Mount Snowdon? If so, let us know the route you chose.