Canberra: The Shortest Blog Post Ever Written



…… It’s the capital of Australia.


Canberra has very little to offer tourists or backpackers. The War Memorial makes an interesting trip but other than that…. Theres a lot of government buildings…..  Some shops…..*really struggling for things to say* ….. Oh, I stayed at the YHA which was quite a good hostel….  Yep, that’s about it.

NO, WAIT! They had pigeons! *Phew* That was close, I almost sold it short.



  • Valerie

    Hah! Love this. Best summary I’ve heard in a while 🙂

    • TheGlobeWanderers

      Haha pleased you liked it Valerie… Bit of a cheeky summary but does what it said on the tin! 😉 Have you been to Canberra? What were your thoughts?


      • Valerie

        I’ve never been, no 🙂 Maybe I won’t go??? (Kidding — if it’s so bad, I want to see it for myself!)

        • TheGlobeWanderers

          Yes do go!! I’d love it if you found something exciting and could prove me wrong. Do you accept the challenge? 🙂

          • Valerie

            I accept! Working on the savings for my Australia and New Zealand trip begins in 3… 2…

          • TheGlobeWanderers

            FAB. Can’t wait to hear how you get on!

  • Camille

    Oh my, is it really that bad? Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone mention anything to do or see there…

    • TheGlobeWanderers

      Thanks for stopping by Camille. Haha well in my experience sadly there wasn’t too much to write home about! Always more than happy to be proved wrong though! Maybe the hot spots are camouflaged? 🙂

  • Cathy Winston

    Haha, that’s the impression I’ve always had of Canberra – good to know it’s true!

    • TheGlobeWanderers

      Haha unfortunately it was true in my experience… like i’ve said above though – would love to be proved wrong! Thanks for stopping by Cathy 🙂

  • Nicole Smith

    I disagree. I spent a long weekend in Canberra and am itching to go back. There’s plenty to do if you know where to look. 😉

    They have a HUGE coffee scene, especially single origin coffees, and the National Museum of Australia is a lot of fun. The National Film & Sound Archive is a bit meh, but Mezzalira Ristorante is AH-MAZE-ING. Their toretllini di zucca is the best tortellini I’ve had anywhere in the world.
    I could spend all day at the Old Bus Depot Markets, a food/home mad-style market. There’s a glorious burger place there as well, but I’ve forgotten the name. And I took a class at the Canberra Glassworks which was awesome… but more awesome to watch the artists make unicorns and all sorts of odd glass pieces. The National War Memorial is a must visit, purely to pay respect and for good photos, but the museum is fascinating, especially for aviation lovers.

    There’s some good hikes, Australia’s best dirt bike paths, take a paddle in Lake Burley Griffin, hunt down Politicans and ask them to “please explain” (the Aussies will get that reference) and if all else fails grab a bottle of wine and go hot air ballooning.

    I’ve had a bunch of friends move there for University so I’m sure they’d have even more tips for me, but if you’re looking for a big city/late night/party atmosphere you won’t find that in Canberra. It’s all about cool, quirky and vintage or luxurious, overly priced, business – you choose which side of the coin you want to sit on.

    I won’t deny Canberra is less fun than Melbourne or even my hometown of Adelaide, but I do hope you go back soon and check it out again with fresh eyes (and open heart). 😉

    • Nicole Smith

      Otherwise, nice summary. 😛
      (I’m far too fiesty for 10:46am and without a coffee. 😛 )

      • TheGlobeWanderers

        Hi Nicole, wow thank you so much for taking the time to write such an insightful comment. As I mentioned in the comments above, this was only the impression I got of the city… but I am more than open to being proved wrong. You’ve persuaded me to give it another try once I’m back over your side of the world :).

        Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you got your morning coffee in the end ;).

  • A Broken Backpack

    Hilarious! hahaha!!! Well, I have been attacked by a pigeon while I was there!